Delivery Day


Saturday, December 14th, 7:00am

Come to the Cathedral for a special Prayer Service, then have your car packed with gift boxes and deliver them to families. We especially need large vehicles and trucks.

Gates open at 6:30am!

Short Prayer Service/Blessings of the Gifts at 7:30am

 Donuts and coffee will be available at the Cathedral Plaza 

Call us for more information: (213) 637-7404.

Frequently Asked Questions About Delivery Day

1. How does Delivery Day work? 

              Cars enter the Parking Structure (on Temple Street), and park their cars in the structure. You can join the short Prayer Service and blessing of gifts. Afterwards, cars line up in an assembly line style. During this time, a small card will be given to all drivers to fill out. We do ask for you to be patient as we load gifts to all vehicles. 

2. How long does this process usually take? 

              Typically the whole experience takes about 2-3 hours. We have two sides loading gifts, as we have over 450 families getting gifts that day! And we want to take much care with all the gifts as if our own family were receiving them. 

3. What information do I have to provide? 

            The driver of each vehicle must fill out a Contact Form/Card. In these we ask that you write your name, Driver’s License, and Model/License Plate of your vehicle. We like to keep a safe and transparent policy with all our volunteers. We are thankful that you have volunteered to deliver gifts, therefore we ask that you provide this information so we know which family you are delivering to. 

4. What do we do with these Contact Cards? 

          We keep them until we ensure the families have received their gift. Once we verify the delivery of those gifts, we simply shred the information, and no copy is left in our possession. 

5. What if we have a large party/group? Or multiple cars?

        We can’t promise that you will deliver to the same family–but we will try our best! However, when lining up, try to keep all vehicles together so they can be loaded at the same time. 

6. How do I know where the gifts are going to be delivered? 

      Once your car is loaded, you will receive a packet with the address of the family, a map on how to get there, a Christmas Card for the family, and a sheet that requires the family to sign upon delivery. (Please do not leave the gifts unless someone signs for them). 

7. I’ve delivered the gifts, now what? 

     The form that was signed by the family must be returned to the Cathedral immediately. Don’t worry, you will not have to enter the parking structure again! On Temple Street, there will be Adopt-A-Family Volunteers/Staff waiting to collect them. Simply drive up and give them the paper, they will take care of the rest.