Sponsor a Family



For the past 31 years, the Adopt a Family program’s main objective was our Delivery Day. On this special day, we saw the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels’ parking garage filled with not only the multitude of Christmas presents but also the cheer and joy that was emitted by each one of our thousands of volunteers. It was a beautiful sight to see as we came together each year to bring the magic of Christmas and the hope and light of Christ to those less fortunate. We invite you to watch our delivery day video below to remember those wonderful times.

As we journey into our second year of pandemic life, we realize that our way as we have known has changed drastically. But this change has taught us to push forward and onward and in the illumination of this resiliency, we have momentarily reformatted the Adopt a Family program. It is with a heavy heart, but once again, we will not be accepting gifts in the form of actual physical presents. 

The pandemic has made life extremely challenging, at times dismal, and most uncertain for us all, but perhaps none more so than for the disadvantaged families that the Adopt a Family program serves. It is for this reason that we have decided that the best way to still be able to provide for our families is through gift cards and monetary donations. Our families are in need of groceries and basic household necessities. In order to provide for these needs, we are asking for grocery and retail gift cards as well as monetary donations to help them pay rent or utilities.

Would you like to join our efforts as we continue to push forward and onward to help support and sponsor one of our 500 families by purchasing gift cards for them? For each member of a family, we are asking for suggested donations of a $25 grocery gift card and/or a $150 retail gift card. If you would like to sponsor a family, a profile will be provided detailing how many members are in each family along with a short biography of their circumstances. Some stores that are in close proximity to the families are Food 4 Less, Ralph’s, Walmart, and Target. In addition, their rent and/or utilities may be needed to be paid. Please fill out the form below and we will match you with the perfect family. 

If you are new to the program, give us a call and we would be so pleased to discuss our program with you.

Lydia Gamboa, Program Coordinator  213-637-7501, lgamboa@la-archdiocese.og

Sabrina Lopez, Office Manager 213-637-7305, smlopez@la-archdiocese.org 

Sasha Duarte, Administrative Assistant 213-637-7404, syduarte@la-archdiocese.org


Already filled out our sponsor form and ready to donate online?

If you are a sponsor and have already received your family profile(s), and you are now ready to donate online, please click the link below. Once you are on the donation page, please specify the family name and number that has been assigned for your sponsored family as well as specifics of the breakdown of where you would like your donation to go towards the family in the memo box. If you have sponsored more than one family, please indicate in the memo box along with the breakdown for each family.


$50 grocery gift card, a $300 retail gift card, and $300 towards the rent and utilities for Family X #123

Example (Multiple): 

$50 grocery gift card, a $300 retail gift card, and $300 towards the rent and utilities for Family X #123

 $75 grocery gift card, a $400 retail gift card, and $500 towards the rent and utilities for Family Y #456



I would like to sponsor a family for the 2021 Christmas Season. How do I sign up? 

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a family. At this time we are no longer distributing families. You are more than welcome to make a General Donation

Please contact our office if you have any questions. Merry Christmas!