How to Help


For thirty-one years, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels Adopt-A-Family Program has brought the Light of Christ and the magic of Christmas to families with children living in some of the poorest parts of our city in the Downtown Los Angeles area.

Residents of these neighborhoods face great challenges on a daily basis, and the coronavirus pandemic has heightened the risks and dangers. Life for the children living in these circumstances is even more bleak.
Now, more than ever, families need our support.

Because of Covid-19 health and safety restrictions put in place by the State, City, County and Archdiocese of
Los Angeles, the Adopt a Family Program is not able to operate in its usual fashion. Meeting with families,
gathering to fill food boxes and wrap gifts, delivering  packages directly to families are simply not possible this year. After much prayer and consultation, we have made some changes that will enable us to provide the needed support, while at the same time protect the health and safety of all. 

But to make this happen, we need your help!

This year, instead of individual gifts and packages, we will provide Gift Cards (grocery store or retail store) as well as Rent and Utility Assistance. We have partnered with the Los Angeles Police Department and other social service agencies in order to ensure that the cards safely reach the intended family. The LAPD provides us with tremendous assistance every year, and we are grateful to them for this special level of support.

Our goal is to assist as many families as possible this Christmas Season. For these families, the anticipation of this Christmas joy is a light of hope during a very dark and uncertain time. While we will miss the camaraderie and excitement of preparations with our normal Delivery Day, the commitment to turning our eyes and hearts to families and children in need remains strong. 

Whether through a donation of gift cards or a financial gift for rent/utilities support, we hope you will join us in this important Christmas outreach. Our Delivery Day to all these families will be by December 18, 2021.


This year, we will not be having our normal Delivery Day volunteer opportunity. Please Come Back for 2022! 

For 2021, we are supporting 500 families by means of monetary gifts. Please click on the link below for more information.

Interested in Sponsoring a Family?