Sponsor a Family


                                                                 If you are interested in Sponsoring a family please fill out our 2020 Adopt A Family Sponsor Form.

This year, the pandemic has made life extremely challenging, at times dismal and mostly uncertain for us all, but perhaps none more so than for the disadvantaged families that the Adopt a Family program serves. Our families are in need of groceries and basic household necessities. In order to provide these needs, we are in need of gift cards to grocery and retail stores as well as monetary donations to help them pay rent or utilities.

Would you like to adopt and sponsor one of our 500 families by purchasing gift cards for them? A family profile will be provided detailing how many members are in each family along with a short biography of the circumstances. For each member of the family, we are asking for a $25 grocery gift card and/or $150 retail gift card. Some stores that are in close proximity to the families are Food 4 Less, Ralph’s, Walmart, Target. In addition, rent and/or utilities may be needed. Note: the amount that we are asking is a suggestion and not a required amount. Any support you are able to provide to the family is greatly appreciated.

If you are new to the program, give us a call and we would be so pleased to discuss our program with you (213) 637-7305.

Become a Cathedral Angel and help families on Skid Row this holiday season:

Provides financial support to cover rent and/or utility bills. Your donation goes directly to pay rent and/or utilities and helps ensure the long-term physical well-being of a needy family.

If you prefer, you can also make a donation in the amount of your choice. We also offer commemorative opportunities.

Your donation allows families to get gift cards that will be used directly on buying grocery for them. Donations vary depending on the size of the family.

Provides gift cards for a family! You will receive a family profile. Since families of various sizes are available for adoption, this is a great opportunity for groups of individuals or
organizations to work together in support of a needy family.

Interested in Adopting a family? 

We now have an online form! Click here to access the form.

Mock Profile

A family has been interviewed in an effort to assess their particular needs.  The profiles are designed to give you a list of the family needs. 


Above is an EXAMPLE of a family profile:

Our family profiles are categorized by their clothing sizes, household goods, and wish list. Typically when sponsoring a family, you will spend $150 per family member and $25 per family member for groceries. This varies depending on the family’s needs as well as the donor. You will receive a family profile, but this year we will not be able to receive actual clothing, household goods and Christmas presents due to the pandemic. We will be accepting gift cards and/or monetary donations.



If you are interested in Sponsoring a family please fill out our 2020 Adopt A Family Sponsor Form.